The term, Virtual Assistant, is a popular one! However, I’ve found it can still be an unfamiliar expression to many so I like to clarify what I do as a Freelance Administration supporting clients remotely with their business admin needs.

The use of Virtual Assistants is becoming more common as it takes out the expense and time of hiring an employee, and removes the commitments expected of an employer in the way of payroll, holidays, sickness, pension schemes, training and development to name a few. A company may just need help with a handful of tasks or with a one-off project that requires a certain skillset so taking on a permanent employee may not be justified.

A VA can bring many skillsets to a business, in fact it’s endless! VA’s can offer support from looking after the most basic of admin tasks through to more strategic tasks, managing a client’s social media and more.

Take a look at the section, How I can help you, to see how I can support your business needs and lessen the load off your to-do list.