"Extraordinary professional with great communication! It has been an honour to work with someone of her calibre. For me, one of her most important skill sets is her ability to self manage and keep the project moving forward no matter my availability or the lack thereof. She has successfully managed to complete the assignment within the agreed timescale. She managed to turn the recruitment process into a pleasant experience and have coordinated activities across the board. A truly great business partner. It was a pleasure to have worked with someone of such high integrity and would highly recommend Louissa".

Shailendra Chaudhary, Youtility Solutions Ltd.

"Louissa is a person I have had a great pleasure working with. She is a natural organizer and planner. She has a sharp eye for both the bigger picture and the detail. During our projects, I could entirely rely on Louissa knowing the tasks will be delivered on time or before the deadline. Her people and communication skills are very professional. I would definitely recommend Louissa as a business partner."

Ester Benbrook, Former HR Manager, DFSA