"because your admin matters"



Do you ever feel you have a back log of emails that you never seem to get through, or your to-do list just gets longer instead of shorter?  Maybe you travel a lot with your work, are in the midst of setting up your own business alongside your full-time job, have many family commitments, or perhaps life is just getting on top of you and you feel like you are sinking.

I coined the phrase ‘because your admin matters’ because as busy individuals in an ever-increasing fast-paced environment we all have so many admin items to get through, whether it be business or personal-related. It's harder to move forward with your business or personal goals without the strong pillars of admin support so keeping on top of your to-do list keeps the wheels in motion, increases productivity and above all, helps you move towards a stress-free lifestyle! So, your admin (certainly) matters!

I can help you keep afloat by taking some of your admin load off you, get you back into first gear and help you move forward with the things that YOU need to focus on.



Let’s Get Started

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Email management and correspondence
Appointment scheduling
Document creation, formatting and mail merge
Spreadsheet creation, maintenance and management
PowerPoint presentation development
Report generation
Travel and accommodation arrangements
Copy and audio typing
Data entry and database support
File Management


Event project planning

Venue/supplier research and analysis

Delegate management

Speaker arrangements

Tracking payments and expenses

Business Process Improvements

Process reviews

New process/workflow creation

Document management

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Liaison with recruitment agencies
CV screening and shortlisting
Scheduling and conducting interviews
Interview template creation


Scheduling content
Promoting offers and monitoring account interactions
Use of images to enhance posts



My name is Louissa Ward and I am a Freelance Administrator/Virtual Assistant based in Omagh, Northern Ireland. I have 15 years project and admin experience in the areas of recruitment, meeting and event planning, business process improvements and general office support. Working on the intricate activities in these areas has given me the opportunity to demonstrate a number of skills essential to an admin position and I pride myself on working to a high standard of detail, accuracy, organisation and completeness. I have always adopted a conscientious and personable approach when working with others and I always aim to deliver high standards.

I look forward to working with you. ​You can count on me to get the job done!


The term, Virtual Assistant, is a popular one! However, I’ve found it can still be an unfamiliar expression to many so I like to clarify what I do as a Freelance Administration supporting clients remotely with their business admin needs.

The use of Virtual Assistants is becoming more common as it takes out the expense and time of hiring an employee, and removes the commitments expected of an employer in the way of payroll, holidays, sickness, pension schemes, training and development to name a few. A company may just need help with a handful of tasks or with a one-off project that requires a certain skillset so taking on a permanent employee may not be justified.

A VA can bring many skillsets to a business, in fact it’s endless! VA’s can offer support from looking after the most basic of admin tasks through to more strategic tasks, managing a client’s social media and more.

Take a look at the section, How I can help you, to see how I can support your business needs and lessen the load off your to-do list.



Simply contact me either by phone, email or through the contact form with an outline of the support you need and I will follow up with a free, no obligation quote.

If you'd like to go ahead with my services we can arrange a discussion by video or phone call to initiate how we can work together to find the right solutions to your needs.

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Every client is different so this really depends on the nature of the work to be done, the frequency of the tasks and total duration. Outlined below are two options.

Hourly Rate: £25

This is for ad hoc support on a 'pay as you go' basis. This is a flexible option paying for what you need, when you need it.

Retainer Rates

This is for specific projects where a set number of hours is agreed or for access to regular support on a longer-term basis. Retainer packages are available at discounted rates, with fees due prior to the work commencing.


5-Hour Retainer Package: £115 (£23/Hour)

10-Hour Retainer Package: £220 (£22/Hour)

20-Hour Retainer Package: £420 (£21/Hour)

All time spent on your contract is recorded so you can be sure of accurate billing (first hour is charged as a minimum). Invoices for hourly-rate contracts are issued on a weekly basis.




"Extraordinary professional with great communication! It has been an honour to work with someone of her calibre. For me, one of her most important skill sets is her ability to self manage and keep the project moving forward no matter my availability or the lack thereof. She has successfully managed to complete the assignment within the agreed timescale. She managed to turn the recruitment process into a pleasant experience and have coordinated activities across the board. A truly great business partner. It was a pleasure to have worked with someone of such high integrity and would highly recommend Louissa".

Shailendra Chaudhari, Youtility Solutions Ltd.